About Research and Enterprise Division (RED)

Research and Enterprise Division (RED)

Welcome to RED webpage

In line with the new policies of the university in concentrating on research that responds to the needs of the region and beyond.  The new management has established Research and Enterprise Division (RED) to increase quality research output and enhance teaching excellence increasing employability.

The following pages aim to provide an overview on the multi-sectoral planning, engagement, and support for a smooth delivery of the objectives.


Research at UKH

Research is an integral part of UKH activities.  Different programmes of research are set from various schools and departments covering undergraduate and postgraduate MA, MSc and PhD programmes in addition to research for both private and public sectors.

All relevant information regarding postgraduate studies could be found under different school’s research programmes:

  1. School of Science and Engineering Research Centre
  2. School of Social Sciences Research Centre
  3. Kurdistan Business School Research Centre
  4. School of Medical Sciences Research Centre

Project Outreach

RED will work with individual academics in different schools to engage in projects with both sectors of private and public in responding to their academic needs and transferring their knowledge and expertise and generating funds in support of both sides endeavours.

Research Repository

All UKH research outpour by year of publication can be found here

Research Ethics

Strict international norms in engagement in research can be found here.

Enterprise at UKH

RED Enterprise has organised its activities along the centres of CEBI (Centre for Entrepreneurial and Business Incubation) and CRIS (Centre for Regional and International Studies)  

Help and Support

In support of RED, UKH is actively working on creating an environment for conducting research through the establishment and enrichment of Data and Information Centre to include geo-based surveys and other reliable data that have been collected by the KRI Regional Statistics Office and the Central Statistics Office of the Federal Government, both on their own and in partnership with external agencies.  RED will also work on expanding search engines for research both independently and in partnership with partner universities.