Research at UKH

In addition to the overarching Research Division that runs across the university and aims to manage, maintain and attempt to provide multidisciplinary research output and interaction with different schools, different departments are able to establish Research Groups under some certain general rules including the availability of at least three academics with research output and interest in a specific area of interest to Kurdistan Region with possible external collaborators.  Their submitted proposal including vision, mission, and expected research output to be submitted for approval by the Board of Postgraduate Studies and the Academic Board.  On approval, relevant support will be secured for the group.    


Planning and Monitoring Research Activities

Research at UKH is planned on an annual basis, as an integral part of academic activities planning, monitoring and assessment.

Within this framework, each academic is expected to agree with their line managers, building on their activities and achievements of their past academic year, they state their expected activities including:

  1. Possible research publications (detailed expected titles) and targeted journals.
  2. Possible research grants applications for research.
  3. Postgraduate supervision details.
  4. Module revision, development and delivery.
  5. External contacts.

In essence, each member of the academic force is obliged to state in detail their plan on how and with what, they aim to contribute to the vision and the mission of the university.  The process is mainly a bilateral agreement between the academic and UKH in which academics can and need to state their requirements for being able to achieve their stated targets.  Once approved and agreed by the line manager and the individual academic, the agreed details will be stored in a database that has been prepared for that purpose.


Each of the academic, the Line Manager, The Pro Vice Chancellor – Academic and Research and The Vice Chancellor will have access to the stored information for continuous monitoring and referencing.


It is also planned that bi-annual meetings between the academic and the line manager will take place to review progress and resolve any obstacles that may have caused a delay in achieving set milestones.

Postgraduate Studies at UKH

Over the past twelve years, The University of Kurdistan Hewlêr has built a great image in producing graduates that have managed to take the centre stage in their field contributing to the well-being and the progress in Kurdistan Region.  The fact that over 90% of these graduates are employed by large companies, UN organisations and local and international universities.  Some of them have managed to successfully complete their PhD degrees and some are already studying at prestigious international universities like Oxford and Warwick.  This bright history has made postgraduate studies at UKH highly popular especially at masters’ level as the main aim is to prepare candidates for the regional and international market needs.  On that basis, postgraduate studies at UKH has concentrated on the natural two levels:

  1. Masters’ Degree

    As one of the centerpieces of the university, each school has allocated a substantial part of their national and international capacity in designing degrees that are comparable to international standards and respond to the current and future needs of the region and beyond.  In that respect, a combination of academically and practically orientated degree choices are available in the areas where high level academic and practical expertise are available to deliver.
    Prospective candidates can view these programmes from the specific sites of schools.       
  2. PhD Degree

    Studies for this degree is highly limited to exceptional candidates that have a scientific dream and capable and willing to dedicate themselves to achieve it.  While the candidates level of English in reading, writing and communicating being at a level equivalent to a grade of 6 in EILETS, prospective candidates would be assessed for entry based on a research proposal, the availability of suitable supervisory team who would identify any topics or modules that would be necessary for the candidate to build a strong base.
    Once that is all agreed and candidate’s entry level started, Under the supervisors’ directives, the candidate will be expected to work on expanding their project proposal to a full proposal within the first year to be externally assessed.  The candidate will officially be enrolled as a PhD student following a successful response from external assessors.
    The expected Research proposal can either be a full initiation from the candidate or in response to UKH academics research synopsis proposals.
    Upon enrolment, PhD candidates are expected to spend three full-time years of work to complete all the requirements for the degree.   More details can be viewed under different schools PhD programmes.